Our Community

Our Community

Community Pillars

As Your Local Bottler, we have close connections to the communities where we operate.

We are proud to make a difference in our local communities and are invested in their success, for the long term.

We work to make a positive difference in our communities through employee volunteerism and programming with a particular focus that aligns to our four Community Pillars.


Diversity and Inclusion

How we support our communities in developing programs that support diversity and drive inclusion.


Youth Employability

How we help young people be better enabled to gain employment.


Environmental Sustainability

We’re working hard to decrease our footprint and we want to support others in the community that are doing so too.


Economic Contribution

How we work with our Your Local Bottler communities to support and grow the local economy.

Support & Donations

Through programming, partnerships, and employee volunteerism, we support local organizations that align with our community pillars throughout the year. Organizations interested in our support should contact contactus@cokecanada.com.


Partners in the Community

We partner with several organizations who share our commitment to the economic development of local communities, diversity and inclusion, youth employability and sustainability.

Our national partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada involves employee volunteerism and local community engagement. With our support, they’ve introduced ‘Bottling Potential’, a program that helps Newcomer and First-Generation Canadian Youth be better enabled to gain employment through career mentorship, motivation, and skills.

Learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada
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