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myCoke Digital Ordering Capabilities

myCoke is your personal digital assistant! myCoke is an easy and convenient way to place beverage orders online:

  • Available anytime, anywhere, on any device and in multiple languages!
  • Get your order history for the last 2 years
  • Use the Order Builder to make ordering even faster
  • Access tips and tools to help you grow your beverage sales
  • Speak to a live chat agent at the click of a button
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Need Support? Our World-Class Team of Agents are here to help!

Monday-Friday / 7am-8pm EST at 1-800-218-2653

The Customer Sales Solutions Centre can support you with the following:

  • New Business Opportunities
  • Placing an Order
  • Equipment Support
  • Support
  • Payment concerns
  • Invoice Copies & Corrections

Electronic Data Interchange Capabilities

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the exchange of business documents between trading partners using standard format. The most common traded business documents are Purchase Orders (850), Advance Shipment Notice (856) and Invoices (810). Documents are transferred across platforms by way of EDI systems and translator, to convert the source text file into an industry standard that can be traded and translated by the receiver to their own formatted text file.

Interested in learning more about our EDI capabilities? Email us at

Coke Canada Bottling EDI

Reduce Costs by Leveraging EDI Solutions


Improve data speed and accuracy.


Accelerate operational efficiencies.


Enhance business partnerships.


Increase return on investment.

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