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We are Coke Canada Bottling, Your Local Bottler.

A family-owned business with more than 5,700 diverse employees coast to coast, we operate in every province through more than 50 sales and distribution centres and five manufacturing facilities.

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Our Vision is to be the Greatest Bottling Company Built by the Best People and our Daily Mission is to build a better future and deliver optimism to our employees. customers, consumers and communities.

We have close, local connections with the communities in which we operate. We proudly make, distribute, merchandise, and sell the most loved beverages Canadians enjoy.

We are determined to make a positive difference in our local communities and responsibly manage our footprint while we build a multi-generational business that is focused on the future.

Our Products

Our History

We have a heritage of over 120-years of delivering optimism and enjoyment to Canadians.


Canada becomes the first export country for Coca-Cola outside of the United States.


First bottling facility in Canada at 65 Bellwoods Avenue in Toronto, ON is up and running. This marked the first time Coca-Cola was bottled anywhere outside of the United States.


Brampton flagship facility opens.


Coca-Cola creates limited edition Canada 150 Coca-Cola mini can.


Coke Canada Bottling takes over the franchise operations in Canada through a joint venture between the Tanenbaum and Bridgeman families, our owners.


Investment of $20 Million made to upgrade Brampton’s production line capabilities to support mini bottle production


Coke Canada Bottling announces close to $30 million in capital investments across the Lachine, Weston, and Brampton manufacturing facilities


Coke Canada Bottling invests over $11 million into Calgary manufacturing facility


Coke Canada Bottling announces investment of $1.5 million for new distribution facility in Kingston.


Coke Canada Bottling invests $7.8 million into Calgary manufacturing facility installing a new, purified water treatment system.


Coke Canada Bottling celebrates 5 years as an independent, family-owned business

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We are Your Local Bottler with over 50 facilities and a local presence in every province.

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Act like a family. Work together as a Team. Give our very best every day.

Our Vision is to be the Greatest Bottler Built By the Best People and to be the Best Bottler, we must have a high-performing and inclusive culture. That is why we believe in, celebrate and support the value of diversity and inclusion.

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Our Partners

We rely on the support and engagement of our many partners.

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